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Ramanujan College, formerly known as Deshbandhu College (Evening) is one of the oldest colleges in Delhi University's south campus. It was established in 1958 by the Ministry of Rehabilitation, Government of India. Since 1972, it has been maintained by the University of Delhi. Originally envisaged as men's college, women students have also been admitted since 1994.


Located in Kalkaji in South Delhi, Ramanujan College has a highly qualified and experienced faculty many of whom are also engaged in post graduation teaching at the university. A number of our teachers have original, published academic and creative work, including journal and other print media articles and educational film making, to their credit.

The college has a well stocked library with over 45,000 books including the latest publications in all the subjects taught in the college. This, together with a state of the art computer lab, offers students access to new horizons of learning.

A number of academic prizes and scholarships are offered to meritorious students. Financial assistance, in the form of fee concession, is given to deserving and needy students every year. The college has a large playground and good facilities for sports. This has helped to produce sportspersons who have won laurels at the university, Delhi state and national levels.

The students of the college are its assets, giving it strength and character. We welcome students of the academic year 2013-2014 with hope that they will do us proud.



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